"Masquerade" by Jules Cheret After studying the works of Rubens and other exemplary artists, Jules Cheret was inspired to use color in a fantastic and unprecedented way.
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Jules Cheret's Revolution of Color

Cheret spent days visiting museums viewing the works of Rubens at the Louvre; Watteau, Fragonard, Turner, Tiepolo were all Gods to Cheret. By this time his format had grown to life size. He was not only a master artist, he was a brilliant technician. It was this combination that allowed Cheret’s work to illuminate the streets of Paris.

He caused a revolution, a color revolution and there was fun and fantasy, glimpses of laughter, whirling of dancers decorating the kiosks of Paris, dazzling the senses and creating a movement of gaiety that had not existed before. His dancers came to life, these "Cherettes", light-footed, hedonistic nymphs beckoned you to come and share a night of frolic and fun at any one of a number of cabarets and theaters such as Alcazar d’ete, Musee Grevin, Eldorado, Olympia, Theatre de la Tour Eiffel, Follies Bergere, Theatre de l’Opera and The Moulin Rouge.

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