"Masquerade" by Jules Cheret Originally born Gaston Duchamp, French Artist Jacques Villon achieved international success shortly after Cheret. His career brought him to New York around the turn of the century.
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Jacques Villon

Like Cheret, Jacques Villon achieved great success as an artist. He was born Gaston Duchamp in 1875 in Normandy, France. It was under his grandfather, Emile Nicolle that he learned engraving and in the summer of 1894 he studied at L’Ecole des Beaux-Arts; soon after he sent his drawings to local newspapers that featured illustrations.

For almost ten years, Villon, who adopted the name Jacques Villon in 1895, worked in graphic media, continuing his work doing illustrations and also making color posters and prints. In 1906, Villon and his brother Raymond Duchamp Villon, began meeting with the Puteaux group, which included their brother Marcel Duchamp, Kupka, Picabia, Gleizes, Leger and other artists. It was also at this time that Villon founded the Section D’or. Seven years later, Jacques Villon exhibited his paintings at the Armory show in New York City and the exhibition was an amazing success; all of the paintings were sold. This success, coupled with his first one man show at the Societe Anonyme, contributed to and confirmed the fame that Villon had achieved in America.

After an important exhibition of Villon’s work held in Paris in 1944 at the Galerie Louis Carre, Villon continued to be acclaimed for his work, exhibiting and receiving honors at various international exhibitions, including First Prize at the Carnegie Institute in Pittsburgh in 1950.

Jacques Villon died on June 9, 1963, in Puteaux at the age of eighty-seven.

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