"Masquerade" by Jules Cheret Jules Cheret was not limited to painting or lithography. He was one of he pioneers of the decorative art panel.
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Decorative Panels by Cheret

Cheret created decorative panels as well as posters and these decorative panels were created for decorating the home and not for advertising purposes. They were also called ‘posters before letters’ as posters were always a combination of word and image. These decorative panels were "La Pantomine" dated 1891, "La Musique" dated 1891, "La Danse" dated 1891, "La Comedie" dated 1891, "La Fileuse" dated 1900 and "La Dentelliere" dated 1900.

In 1881 his work had become so well recognized and popular, he was able to transfer the responsibility of his shop to Chaix & Company while maintaining artistic control.

He won a silver medal at the Universal Exposition of 1879 and a gold medal at the Exposition of 1889. 1889 brought further success to Cheret when an exhibition of over one hundred posters, pastels, lithographs, drawings and sketches was held at "La Bodiniere". Once again his recognition as a true master placed him on a new and higher plateau amongst the leading figures in the arts. He was bestowed the honor of becoming a Chevalier of the Legion of Honor in 1890, cited as "the creator of an art industry". In 1900 he became an officer of the Legion, a commander in 1910 and in 1926 Cheret was the Grand Officer of the Legion of Honor.

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