"Masquerade" by Jules Cheret Jules Cheret lived to be 96. He eventually moved to Nice, France with his wife as his eyesight started to become worse in his old age.
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Cheret's Later Life

Cheret spent increasingly longer periods of time in Nice as he grew older. His vision failed him in 1925 yet this was a man who had an inner vision so brightly colored and alive that his loss of sight did not cause him to dwell in darkness. He was married and he and his wife were often seen strolling along the streets of Nice. He is described as an elegant man, slim and handsome. On September 23, 1932, he died at the age of ninety-six. This was one year before a retrospective exhibition of his work was held at the Salon’s Exhibition, "Automne in Paris."

The life which started in poverty and deprivation grew into a world that touched millions of lives, giving fun and delight to all those that saw his work. His artistic gift is appreciated today as collectors all over the world seek out his original works. Cheret’s original oil paintings and pastels are in Museums throughout the world as are his posters which catapulted him to fame.

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