"Masquerade" by Jules Cheret Jules Cheret produced a significant collection of lithographs for such cabarets as the Moulin Rouge. Many of his lithographic prints featured elegant and imaginative depictions of Parisian dancers.
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Cheret's Lithography

Cheret created numerous lithographic posters for The Moulin Rouge and for the people who frequented the cabarets which represented the night life of Paris at that time. He created posters for Yvette Guilbert at the Concert Parisien which shows Yvette with her long black gloves, something she always wore. You can see the long black gloves in Guilbert’s poster for her performance in Kanjarowa at the Casino de Paris.

Cheret is famous for his works of Loie Fuller, a dancer at the Folies Bergere. One of these infamous posters of Loie Fuller is called, "La Danse du Feu," "The Fire Dance."

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